Lucy's Pinwheel 1st Birthday Party and some updates

(A Knight Light Photo)

Sunday was my little girl's 1st birthday.  We had a pinwheel theme for the party.

I can't tell a lie, my mom did a majority of the work.  Besides cake we also had BBQ pulled pork, italian deer roast sandwhiches, crescent pinwheel veggie pizzas, pasta salad (made by a good friend) and some other munchies. 

The picture collage was designed by Kimberly and I had it printed at my office.  It is so fun. I made some pinwheels from scrapbook paper we hung them up. I had plans to make a ton more but that never happened.  You can't really tell in the picture but under the collage there are the glass vases from our wedding (Happy 4 years to us today by the way).  They are half full of Cheerios and have a pinwheel in them that my mom found at Hobby Lobby. 

The large colorful pinwheel cake was the main cake.  My mom made a small "1" cake for Lucy's smash cake.

I was so worried about the weather that day but God blessed us with a beautiful day to celebrate.  We were able to be outside instead of in our small house.  Lucy received so many nice gifts.  She has had so much fun playing with everything this week.  Of course right after we got done getting everything out of the boxes and in her play area in the living room she promptly crawled (no walking yet) over to the kitchen and played with the Tupperware.  Typical.

(Taken by Kimberly)

Tomorrow is her 1 year check up and immunizations.  I'm really not looking forward to those visits.  Lucy has a really hard time with being around strangers.  Tommy will be working so I'm flying solo.  I am looking forward to having the rest of the day off with her though.  She is such a bundle of joy. She jabbers all the time.  Some of the things she says are, "Hi", "Bye" "Eye" (I realize they are are similar sounds but I can tell the difference), "Ball", "Dog", "Dada", "Mama", "Swing" "Fish", "What's That?".  Most of them don't come out real plain, but if you are around her enough you know what she is saying. As I mentioned above she is not walking yet, but we are not rushing things around here.  She pulls up on everything and cruises around on the furniture.  This week she decided that she was too big to nurse before bed.  For three nights in a row so far she has not needed a feeding before falling asleep.  I still nurse her in the morning before I leave for work/the sitter's.  She has not taken real well to cow's milk so far but we are working on it.  She does get dairy in other forms though.  Her 6th tooth (right front) just came through this week as well.  Teething, as Kimberly and I have recently discussed, is one of the worst parts of parenting.  It has been so hard for me to keep up with things lately.  I can't even tell you the last time I sat down and watched an episode of House or Grey's Anatomy.  I hope to do better about keeping up with this blog during her second year. 


Michelle said...

I enjoyed the update Jess. Looks like Lucy is really growing up. Guess it's time for a visit since it's been about a year since I saw you guys.
I know that once baby comes I'll be busy as ever and won't have the time or freedom that I have now. Guess I better enjoy those tv shows! I'll talk to ya soon!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! Beautiful pics of her--and what a sweet party! Hope the doctor's visit went well.

Wish I Might said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

What a sweet girl!